How to use CaseManager™

Within this article you'll learn how to create and edit case groups and cases.

CaseManager allows you to create, edit and track customer support cases submitted by your customers via your chatbot.

New Case Group

To create a Case Group, select Settings then New Case Group. Give your Case Group a name and add custom fields to gather the data you need your customers to provide.

Edit Case Group

Once your Case Group is created, go to Settings to edit the case categories, register the persons, change the custom fields, and add document types.

  • Categories If you need to define the categories of data in each case, go to the Categories tab and set up to three levels of data per category (i.e. Credit > Fraud > Credit Card).

  • Persons If you need to manually add the profile of the customer filing the complaint, go to the Persons tab and create a person.

  • Custom Fields If you want to edit, add or delete custom fields within your Case Group, go to the Custom Fields tab and edit or delete an existing custom field, or add a new one.

  • Document Types If you need to add a document type to your Case Group, go to the Document Types tab and add the type of document your case group requires.

Create Cases

Once your Case Group has been created, you and your chatbot can add new Cases. Select the Cases tab within CaseManager, choose the Case Group, and then select New Case. Once you have filled out the case form, click New Case to save.

Edit Case Information

Choose a case you wish to update. Editing tools are available in the center and right elements of the CaseManager. You can change the case status, assign an agent to the case, modify the case category, and edit your client’s profiles and custom fields.

Solve Or Close Cases

In the center of CaseManager, you can select the buttons to reply to case via Send Email, and Solve and Close cases.

Add Attachment

If you wish to add attachments to cases, select the Attachments tab in the center of CaseManager and upload a file.